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Laboratory Testing & Measuring Equipment

Bearing & Tool Center is a renowned company engaged in trading and supplying of a wide assortment of measuring and testing equipment like Contraction Scale, Degree Protractor, Pi Tape, Textile Vernier, Prism Jaw, M Type, Contraction Rule, Shrinkage Rulers, Hi-Low Gauge, Vices, Bench Centre,Crank Shaft Alignment Gauge, Hygrometer, Temperature Meter, Block & Frame Level, Magnifying Glass, Push Pull Gauge, Sine Bar, Special Vernier & Attachment, Snap Gauge, Torque Wrench, Wood Moistre Meter, Grain Moisture Meter, Wet Film Thickness Gauge, Ultrasonic Distance Measure, Stop Watch, CNC Tool Setting Gauge, Stroboscope, Pipe Pit Gauge, Press-O-Film, Digital Thermometer, Tds Meter, Loose Slip Gauge, Morse Taper Plug & Ring, Pin Gauges Set, Force Meter, Surface Profile Gauge, Surface Comparison Chart, Digital Surface Roughness Tester, Professional Digital Box Level, Tool Makers Steel Vice, Engine Steel Vice, Electronic Gauges, Electronic Probe, Microprocessor Based Electronic Gauges, Sine Vice, Universal Surface Gauge, Marking Gauge, Scribber With Stand, Parallels, Hole Test  Or Three Point Micrometer, Distance Piece, Setting Rod, Digital Dissolve Oxygen Meter, 3 Way Tilting Vices, Milling Machine Vice, Lever Grease Gun, Inspection Mirror, Wet & Dry Bulb Hygrometer, Deburring Tool, Grease Pump, Alti Meter, Ph Electrode, Conductivity Meter, Soil Moisture Meter, Metal Detector, LPG Gas Alarm, Smoke Alarm, Soil Ph Meter, Lensatic Compass, Aneroid Barometer, Digital Dial Depth Gauge, Bucket Pump, . These products are procured from renowned international manufacturers like Mitutoyo, Baker & Hip, AA, Jafuji, Kristeel-Shinwa, BSE, Hiroshima and Tecklock. The all encompassing array of our products includes:

Sufficient eye relief is provided to enable the operator to use the lensometer with spectacles. * the lensometer can be tilted at any angle between 00 - 700 on a self locking mechanism. * the movement of the scale drum can be controled from soft to hard (tight to loose) with the help of a 12 mm chrome plated adjusting screw attached on the back of it.

Dial Thickness Gauge Mechanical in Inch Milhard Make

External Pistol Caliper

Comparator Stand Granite and Cast Iron

Dial Thickness Gauge

Crank Shaft Alignment Gauge L.c. 0.01mm

Magnetic V Block price per pair

Block and Frame Level / Spirit Level / Master Level

GROZ TOOLS is one of the most reputed name in the Indian Tooling Industry. Products available are:   Precision Engineering Tools: Sleeves & Arbors Adjustable Tap & Reamer Wrenches Tool Holders Set up Tools Cutting Tools Precision Bench Vices Machine Vices Try Squares Vee Blocks Calipers & Dividers Gauges Marking Tools   Professional Hand Tools: Punches & Chisels Punch & Chisel Kits Hacksaws & Blades Woodworking Tools.

Bevelled Edge Steel

Tool Makers

3 Way Tilting Vices

4 Way Grease Fitting Tools

Engineers Steel Vice GROZ make

Drum Cradle

Drum Dolly

Low Profile Drum Trolley

Spring Caliper Inside / Outside / Divider

Sine Vices Super Precision

VEE BLOCK - Hardened and Ground

Universal Vices

Angle Plates

Aangular Machine

Machinist Square Workshop

Screwless Toolmakers

Self Centering

Three Way Tiling

Edge Finders

Engineer Precision Square

Drill Press Vices

Screwless Sine Vices

Bench Vice Professional Mechanics Vices GROZ make

Milling Machine Vices

Clamps SG IRON Groz Make (Art nr GCL / 13D)

Britool , Griphold , Tohnichi
Britool Classic Torque Wrench has won a reputation for reliability and quality. The unique mechanism has distinctive advantages which ensure it remains a firm favourite with users.  Required torque loads are set by turning the sleeve until the required setting is opposite the mark. All Britool torque wrenches indicate with touch, sound and sight when the required torque is reached.

Torque Wrench Griphold

Laboratory & Testing
We specialize in manufacturing precisely engineered laboratory testing equipment a par with highest quality standards. Used in laboratories for testing and experimentation purposes, our lab testing equipment have been acknowledged for precision and reliability. We offer customization service to modify the existing range of lab testing equipment in accordance with the requirements of our clients.

Ultrasonic Distance Measure

Multimeter Kusum Meco / Meco Make

Hygrometer ( Temperature & Humidity)

PH Meter - Lutron / Raytek / Time

Contact Thermometer - Lutron / Raytek / Time

Tachometer - Digital

Infrared Thermometer / Pyrometer - Lutron / Raytek / Time

Clamp Meter Lutron / Kusum Meco Make - Lutron / Raytek

NDT Equipments

Laser Distance Measure - Bosch make

Tablet Hardness Tester Kshitij make

Oxygen Analyser

Wood Moisture Meter 5 To 40 Percent

Conductivity Meter

Non- Contact Tachometer - Lutron / Raytek / Time

Yuyutsu / Elecoat
Say for Instance a tolerance of 2% is set for 100 microns then it will only show the reading between 98 and 102 microns .Data other than these two limits will not be recorded. Data if traced wrong say 95 microns in earlier case will give error beep. Hence it is easy to judge audio as well as from display.

Push Pull Gauge

Digital Coating Thickness / Dry Film

Coating Thickness Gauge

Time Gauge
The machine control qmarz electronics in-process gauge which control in real time using measured data taken before during or after processing. Electronics in-process gauge is their high precision which exceeds that of any other systems with this high precision measure in equipment, accurate to 1. 5 micron. Which surpasses any precedent this systems is fully coolant resistant so can be setup in various environments.

Metal Hardness Tester-TH 130

Surface Roughness Tester - TR110

Coating Thickness Gauge - TT 211

Digital Metal Hardness Tester

Digital Surface Roughness Tester

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge / D-meter

Screw Pitch Gauge Kristeel Shinwa


Brass Caliper and Depth Gauge

Bevel Protractor with Dial

Luthra / Blackhawk / Jafuji
We are processing and supplying Marble Stones, which are demanded for their excellence, quality, stunning look, high strength and luxury look. These marble stones are available in various colors and sizes. Moreover, the stones are used in various applications for residential and commercial purposes.

Bench Centre As per IS 5980 1978 Grade I with Cert

Parallels Steel Grade I Luthra make

Straight Edge Flat Section Engineers Steel Grade Inspection

Vee Block Cast Iron price per pair

Sine Bar

Surface Plate Graph Datum

Surface Plate Granite Grade - Luthra

Angle Plate- Luthra

Graph Comp Stand

Micro / Advance
Our organization is involved in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Air Snap Gauge. These are available in carbide air snap gauge with jet fixed in carbide tip as per the client’s specific requirements. Our range of Air Snap Gauges is manufactured in line with the industry standards to ensure precision design, durable construction and corrosion resistant features.

Pin Gauges Set with certificate Graphica

Snap Gauge ( Adjustable / Fixed )

Plain Snap Gauge

Plain Key Way Gauges Go Nogo with certificate Swastik

We are a leading Exporter & Supplier of MGW such as Measuring Instruments, Vernier Caliper, Digital Electronic Caliper, Heavy Duty Long Jaw Solid Type Vernier, Dial Caliper, Depth Vernier Caliper and many more items from India.

Measuring Instruments

Vernier Caliper

Digital Electronic Caliper

Heavy Duty Long Jaw Solid Type Vernier

Dial Caliper

Depth Vernier Caliper

Height Gauge

Digital Depth Vernier Caliper